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Customer centricity through performance art

We introduced probability theorists and analytical thinkers into a creative environment as our first step.

The Windybrow Arts Centre, Johannesburg

Our objective was to direct an 8-10 minute spoken word / slam poetry performance. For a packed audience, mostly teenagers. Our bankers had approximately 5 hours until their show was to start.

The inspiration for these performances came from notable South African writers such as Zakes Mda, Herman Charles Bosman and Athol Fugard to name just a few. Minibus taxis were used to collect props, lighting and costumes. As we moved through scrapyards and informal clothing markets, guests were armed with disposable cameras. Some of these images are available in our projects gallery below.

On-the-spot training was facilitated by professional theatre practitioners. They we also limited to one hour. Perhaps the R 1,000 budget provided may have proved that sometimes the most magical and creative moments emerge from almost nothing.

Design thinking

All costumes, make-up, props, lighting and books were donated to various theatre academies after our experience.

Theatre practitioners and guests spent most time understanding their character. This enables us to leave ourselves alone for a minute and delve into our story.

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