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Purpose Driven Investment Consulting

Informal Market

Custom and audience driven experiences


Purpose driven investment consulting

Investors are continually seeking purpose driven funds that carry sound financial returns and the fulfilment to a broader social mission. This is definitely a long term view, but impact investing in this way leaves a strong legacy, and a stronger organisational culture.

We are able to assist with the identification of purpose driven investments, fund strategies and investment oversight.

Custom and audience driven experiences

Custom experiences are those that require meticulous curation. That are the ones that are intended to bring a specific behavioural change. They are social experiments that derive new outcomes.

Our audience driven programmes are alternative learning interventions. They carry themes like finance and can be rolled out easily with larger groups.


Informal market research

Almost 70% of people in South Africa who start an informal business do so because they are unemployed and have no alternative source of income. (Stats SA)

Because of this, there are millions of success and failure business stories to tell. Entrepreneurship have become an art in survival.

We are able to extrapolate alternative data that provides much insight into this vulnerable economy. Off the ground up.

Location scouting

We are equipped with an arsenal of hidden gems around South Africa. Whether you're looking for an eclectic venue for an upcoming conference, or an off-the-beaten-track restaurant for a team lunch, there's so much to discover.

We are also able to compliment locations with catering, AV equipment, mobile bars and accommodation.

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