Forever ask questions

Because it's better than just making bold, presumptuous statements. Curiosity is an attribute we like to encourage. Below we address some common concerns and share some insight into our inspiration and purpose.

Common Concerns
Are participants safe when engaging in our proposed activities?

Yes, we believe our safety emerges from a proactive nature. We are a contributory element in an ecosystem. Our interventions aim to stimulate under-resourced communities, creating a mutually beneficial growth trajectory. Walking around with bulletproof vests and security personnel may give our community the idea that we have something to hide.

Do your experiences and insights carry accreditation?

Not yet, we have a two-pronged belief system on this matter.

Firstly, we believe the current accreditation system in South Africa is becoming a "tick boxing" activity. Outdated in some aspects and lacking behavioural impact. We also believe that including our experiences in the accreditation realms may diminish them at face value. Our approach is more than just a learning opportunity. We curate an environment that entices thought-provoking questions that result in behavioural change.

Our work gives you an edge in your actions, rather than an accolade for a resume. Participants who attend to only add something to their CV, may be missing the point. Our work represents meaningful experiences that people in insular economies should have. The tools and skills acquired in our academy helps participants become more relevant in complex work environments.

How do we differ from a business school?

A school implies that learning is one-directional. It represents a culture of one party holding all the answers, networks and infrastructure. In other words, an intellectual hierarchy stemming from stories of past success in a different time.

We like to use the term experiment. This way, we create a culture where failing is what informs our evolution, the outcomes are new and they potentially solve problems. Harvard Business Review published an article that provides more context.

Our work
Why do we conceal the locations we visit and the content we explore?

Because it's a secret! By using elements of surprise and delight, we are able to enhance our experiences on all sensory levels. Not knowing is also something we should learn to navigate. It's an integral stress test for open-mindedness.

This technique also allows us to study the reactions of our participants and enables us to explore whether our interventions are still relevant and engaging. It's the discomfort that informs our experience development.

Why should my company get involved in purpose driven investments?

Purpose driven investments have a cataclysmic influence on a company's culture. By making people feel as if they are part of something important, it brings an entity's values to the foreground and builds powerful brands. These investments act as enablers for more sustainable economies.

What are we ultimately trying to achieve?

We aim to economically catalyse local and creative businesses through meaningful and reciprocal interactions. A progressive institution facilitating economic independence for small businesses.

Which territories are you likely to explore next with this work?

We have established networks in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi and may be exploring these next.