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Contextual finance, un-jargoned

A theory-only approach in teaching finance is not only outdated, but also dangerous for emerging economies.

Our approach

Doing business in a globalised world means not only having to transcend in the theories of cost accounting and excel formulae making, but it also means being able to apply them within complex real-world challenges. In the long run, studying abstract financial and economic analysis alone will not help us create credibility, nor will it adequately prepare us for doing sustainable business in an interconnected, complex world.

This finance course is an embodiment of these values.

We identified three buildings in the inner-city of Johannesburg. Each of them representing different stages of their investment cycle. We surrender ourselves into these buildings for the duration of the experience.

Through physical observations and rich storytelling, we collect content. The content is used to build financial information in groups throughout the day.

Financial content accumulated is analysed on the second day. There is an investment decision committee simulation where cases are critically considered. A reflective paper testing application is submitted. Strong ideas are scheduled for implementation.

Design thinking

We have incorporated good design at every touchpoint in the finance experience. Co-creation also lies at the centre of our design thinking.

The second day is more formative. Financial content is consolidated and applied to realtime case studies. By using stimulating venues and tastefully appointed elements of surprise and delight, we are able to create a memorable learning experience.

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