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Imvelisi: A bootcamp for enviropreneurs

Imvelisi is a partnership initiative between GreenMatterZA and the South African Young Water Professionals Network (YWP). This programme is funded by the Department of Science and Technology with the aim of supporting the business development of young water and biodiversity innovators and their ideas.

An ideation phase stress test

The Imvelisi Programme is as an ideation/conceptualization phase training intervention for aspiring enviropreneurs. The purpose of the programme is to ensure a streamlined innovation support system for young people considering careers in the water and biodiversity sectors. By helping participants through the ideation phase of business development and preparing them for pitches to mentors, incubation programmes and early stage entrepreneurship investors.

The bootcamp equips these future entrepreneurs with the knowledge necessary to be able to assess market potential, structure a business proposal and partnership, and test the viability of their ideas and concepts with the aim of providing guidance towards successful implementation. Enviropreneurs that excel in the programme are offered mentorship support to take them through the most important phase of their start ups, encouraging them to succeed.

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